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Man you were 100% right. I started playing it cool with a few honies I met, brushing 'em off, pretending I wasn't interested... they kept coming for more! Thanks again, I owe you one! - Jared from Grand Rapids

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With the widespread popularly of the Internet its become easier and easier for the Average Joe to get laid... and even better than getting laid, he's getting prime pussy. Millions of girls log on to the Internet every day looking for Mr. Right... you may not be Mr. Right, but why not be the one fucking her while she waits?

I have been pulling pussy online for years now and have perfected my approach through trial and error. At Free Dating Lessons I will show you, my Average Joe friends, how to get your dick wet consistently and have them begging for more. You're probably shaking your head right now. DON'T!!! I'm an Average Joe just like you. Decent looking, decent job, decent car... the difference between you and me is I HAVE CONFIDENCE. I *KNOW* I can pull pussy. After reading through my site and practicing the same techniques I do, I guarantee you'll build up the same level of confidence that I have. And trust me friends, CONFIDENCE is what TURNS WOMEN ON.

Free Dating Lessons is a work in progress. I DO have a life, so I'll be adding more trials, tribulations, and tips as I can. Check back frequently and don't forget... the only difference between you and me is CONFIDENCE!!!

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